Counselor's Corner


Questions and Answers About School Counseling

School Counselors are available to support ALL students; not just those in crisis. Our job is to make sure that students are happy and doing their best in school, in three areas: academic, social emotional, and college and career. This looks different from student to student because each one is unique and has their own set of needs. These three areas are addressed through school counseling core curriculum (ex. a classroom lesson), responsive services (i.e. individual counseling or crisis response), individual student planning (ex. high school applications), and indirect services (i.e. referrals or consultation with teachers/parents).

Will you tell other people what we talk about?

Everything you share with me, stays with me! Unless someone is hurting you, you are hurting someone else, you are hurting yourself or you give me permission to share with parents or staff. These things need to be shared and must be shared in order to keep everyone safe.

How can I meet with you?

Normally, you can come by the Counseling Office and let me know you need to talk or leave a note for a later time. During Remote Learning I’m still available to meet! You can email me directly or ask your teacher to contact me. Please check out my page on Oglesby’s Website.

How are you different from an outside therapist?

School counselors generally meet with students for a short time. Sometimes a problem is better addressed in a setting outside of school, where therapy can be more direct and long term.