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Case Manager's Corner

It is with great pleasure that I serve as the Case Manager at Oglesby Elementary School. 

As your Case Manager I’m responsible for making sure your child's special education services and supports are in place and to ensure those services and supports are being provided for in the way that's described in your child's plan.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.


Hidejah Sheppard, Case Manager 



Related Service Providers (RSPs)
Psychologist: Jaclyn Baker                                Email:
Social Worker: Artina Hopkins                           Email:
Speech Therapy: Lisa Crowder                         Email:
Occupational Therapist: Jeffrey Puryear          Email:
Certified School Nurse: Beverly Horne             Email:
Health Services Nurse: Chermese Boyd           Email:
Remote Learning Guidance:
IEP/504 Plan Implementation: Special education teachers and related service providers will implement all students Remote Learning Plan as written.
We will connect with all students and families to ensure online connectivity.
○ Ensure that students have the equipment (laptops, iPads, Chromebooks) and internet access to connect remotely. 
○ Review Accommodations and Modifications per students’ Remote Learning Plan and ensure implementation.
○ Students who are unable to access technology due to a specific medical concern as outlined in the IEP, and are not able to participate digitally, should receive non-digital packets at a weekly or bi-weekly frequency. Non-digital packets should include directions, lesson plans, modified work if needed, accommodations as appropriate and a plan for when the work will be returned to the teacher.
○ Implement IEP Goals with the appropriate support.
Parental involvement is essential to learning success in a remote setting. It is important to ensure the child is attentive and meeting learning expectations.