LaShun Covington - 8th - Rm 303

Colleges Attended/Degrees:
Chicago State University (Bachelor's--Elementary Education) Concordia University (Master's--School Leadership)

June 20th

Favorite Food:
Seafood (Lobster, shrimp, scallops, crab)

Favorite Things to do::
Most things that involve the outdoors as well as movies and shopping

What I love most about Teaching:
Seeing the "Light bulb go off" from not knowing to knowing and makin a difference

My biography::
Mrs. Covington was born and raised in Chicago, IL. The older of three sisters, she was both mentor and second mom to her younger siblings. This profession is part of her family, as her mother, two sisters and Aunt are all educators. Mrs. Covington is a proud wife and mother of three children who are also products of Chicago Public Schools.


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